Try personal training sessions at Pharaohs' Club

Try personal training sessions at Pharaohs' Club

There may be several things that put people off hiring a personal trainer, like cost, or the image of someone pushing them too hard. The benefits, however, cannot be missed and we believe they make all the difference when it comes down to achieving your fitness goals.

Find a personal trainer to suit your personality and fitness type, decide if you want some "tough love" motivation, or gentler, motherly support.

Personal trainers at Pharaohs' Club make sure their clients achieve a specific fitness goal effectively, efficiently and without injury. Below are some of the benefits, just come by and meet us!

  • Goal achievement - can you put down three fitness goals and create a roadmap of how to get there. Trust them, they know what they're doing.
  • Personalised workout - NO one-size-fits-all programmes from YouTube can even compete with a session created especially for you
  • Instruction - a proper squat makes all the difference for the glutes, just sayin'!
  • Motivation - this comes and goes, but trainers don't, they stay and make sure you finish what you started
  • Accountability - sometimes we miss a bit of commitment and self-discipline, but hey, they're here for you to keep you on track
  • Variety - repeating a routine week after week is boring, the trainers will make sure there are new challenging exercises every session
  • Efficiency - cut out hours of cardio, they will make sure you feel the biggest burn within even a limited time you have for your training

To book your FREE consultation, please call Pharaohs' Club reception on 04 324 0000.

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