Harmont & Blaine celebrates 20 years!

Harmont & Blaine celebrates 20 years!

Harmont & Blaine, a symbol of daring creativity, cutting-edge design and Italian style, is celebrating 20 years of the Vietri polo shirt with a special anniversary edition which pays homage to the craftsmanship and creative passion of Vietri master tailors and their original colour palettes.

The Vietri was created in 1997 from the inspired combination of two staples in a man’s wardrobe - the polo top and shirt - giving rise to what was to become the Dachshund label’s signature piece - a polo top with collar in shirt fabric. The Vietri was an instant hit, satisfying the tastes and needs of the most contemporary of men who wanted the comfort of casual but with a look of sophistication.

To celebrate this important milestone, the Dachshund brand has crafted a special collection for Spring Summer 2018, revisiting the silhouette by making it slimmer in the regular and narrow fits, and enriching the design by adding a new ribbed cuff, which hugs but never tugs.

Visit Harmont & Blaine, first floor, WAFI.


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